Friday, April 22, 2011

Still in Existence

I love this kind of day around my house. It is raining outside and the kids have decided (so far) to play nice...

Jared cracks me up. I cannot get him to accomplish much without my assistance in regard to homeschooling. He wants to do his computer work but doesn't care about his math, grammar and piano. So, MT (Mean Teacher) strikes again. I have now made a rule that he cannot do anything on computer until all of his written work is done. Ugghh.. You would have thought I ripped is legs off and asked him to run a marathon. What a turkey. Get this, the master of procrastination decided that he had to teach Jacie piano and learn how to play the electric guitar...all in one morning. MT said, "No way!" and has become the bad guy again. Is it any wonder that when nighttime rolls around, I am the first in line to hit the sack?

Having said all of that, Loren and Jacie are building Legos together and it is kind of cute. Jared is completing the dreaded math and I am blogging my life story to all of you. Jared cannot understand that he is not allowed to join in the building of Legos because he wasted all of the morning 'learning the finer arts of guitar...'
Life is complicated when you waste, avoid and argue. It makes me tired as well.
I am excited that he has finally decided to pursue his guitar things. He wanted the guitar over two years ago and it has collected dust since. So, though his timing is off, I am helping him incorporate it into his daily regime. He is also an excellent singer and is beginning to work on his song for the fair. This will be the first time that he has sang in public. I never wanted to push him into it so I listened and watched... Now he is almost thirteen and decided that he loves it. He should, he is good. When he first came, at 23 months old, a lady stopped me in the store and said, "Do you know that your son has a perfect rhythm?"

She could hear him humming to the background music. I didn't even realize that there was background music...Of course, I had two 2 year old boys in a cart, in the Walmart so the fact that we all made it out alive was a huge plus. How times have changed. The boys are now thirteen. The issues have changed but are still in existence. Their mother has changed but thankfully is still in existence as well. Hehehe.

The truth? I wouldn't change a thing.

Hope all is well on your home school journey.

~Camo Pants

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