Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Day...

Homeschooling is an amazing journey. I was talking to a young gal who graduated as a homeschooler and is now attending a public university for college. She is such an interesting person for her age. In the course of the conversation, she said that she is grateful to her parents for homeschooling her and that she attributes much of her self-esteem and achievements to the fact that she was. She is incredibly articulate and able for her twenty-one years. I love to see what my children will [hopefully] be in the future. I have every faith that this will be the case. Like her, they have the time and space to develop. A large part of homeschooling for our family is wrapped in the freedom that it allows. The kids have the freedom to enjoy classical music if they want, play and instrument if they are inclined and still be considered cool by the people that are the closest to them. I am excited by the prospect of a future of freedom for them. It gives me joy. They are doing well with their work. The oldest two are still in school. The youngest, just coming out of hip and leg surgery will begin school again next fall. By then, she will be completely fluent in English and hopefully be reading. This is the time of year that the oldest get a little restless. They are getting done with some of their materials but are not completely on summer vacation yet. They struggle to keep their minds on their books, so... I scheduled them a paper to do. That ought to help them reign in their mind and thoughts. Can you say, "Mean Teacher...?" My answer would be a definite, "Yes." I am a mean teacher. Homeschooling is not something that I take lightly. I respect education and desire every aspect of it for my kids. Much to their delight. The middle child struggles the worst. There is nothing worse (for a child with ADD) then to sit and do school work. Yet, I know in my heart (yes, I do have one of those...) that the best thing for him is to sit, learn to concentrate and succeed in this area. He is making great strides. I am excited about his future. A lot of people with ADD have taught themselves to 'control their urges' and have figured out how to focus. I am glad he is at home and figuring that out. The freedom that he gets will be 'priceless.' We are headed to the homeschool convention in May. I love to go and take the kids. They will go through and pick some of their curriculum. Last year that went very well. They had a vested interest in the material. They are looking forward to going this year. We will shop the curriculum fair on Friday morning, have lunch and then tour the capital building in the afternoon. I love that it is in the capital city and two blocks from the capital. Then we can do both comfortably. Hope that all is going well. ~CP

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