Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Lounging Makes for a Great Summer

I have to admit that part of our financial academics have revolved around the onset of garage sale season... We love to garage sale. A lot. So it should come as no surprise to any of you that we can be found garage saling on Thursdays and Fridays from April to August. It has become a kind of sport for us. Now, don't go thinking that we are shirking our home school duties. If we garage sale in the guessed it, we school all afternoon. At first, this was a shock to the kids. They were ready to come home, sink in the sofa with a good book and fall asleep. Nope. Not happening on my watch. The mean teacher strikes again. School is very important around here. The oldest two are in middle school so college looms on the horizon. That is how I think. The kids are ready for school to be done. Yet, when you start school at the beginning of October, it takes longer to finish. We give on one end to get on the other. In the fall, the fair is at the end of September. We start school after that crazy week. I used to give myself a recovery week but as the kids got older and had more educational responsibility, I changed that. So far, I have enjoyed our schedule because most of our school times fall when it is rainy, snowy and cold. I love summer break though. Some homeschoolers don't take a break. I respect that but could not do it. I love lazy mornings, being outside and having a snitch more control over my time. I don't just love it...I require it. In order for me to 'winter well,' I must summer well. My favorite time of the day is before the kids get up (but only if they are sleeping in.) I have never been the type to enjoy getting up early in order to have silence. I do that on the other end. I stay up late and write or blog or whatever after they all go to bed. Then when morning rolls around, I have completed my responsibilities and can lounge. I love to lounge in bed. My mother would be so disgusted to see that... Hehehe. That is why my oldest gets me up in the morning. When he comes down for school, he wakes up the old sleeper and then he and I work together to drag the middle child out of bed. We have tried every method. He is such a hard sleeper. He might have a little of his mom's lounging mentality. I guess I know who is to blame for that one. Thank heavens he is cute. I am looking forward to the summer. We do a lot but it is all so good and wholesome. I want to hold these days forever and I know that is not possible. Enjoy your journey. ~Camo Pants

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