Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy...? What Do You Mean?

I have neglected this blog long enough...

It is sad to say that I have been homeschooling for over 3 months (we start in October) and am just jumping back onto the band wagon. What can I say? I live a very charmed and busy life. Ughh... makes you want to gag, doesn't it?

The truth is. I have been blogging elsewhere and simply did not keep up. The good news...? I did keep the kids fed and watered through the summer so they are still available as fodder for my blogging obsession. I have decided that I blog simply because I am a talker and being talker does not mesh well with being a homeschool mom. The only people I talk to on a routine basis...? My plants. Okay, I realize that might sound a little crazy but hey- I don't get out much!

The kids are doing fantastic. Really. The boys are tall and strong. They bicker all of the time. Pretty normal stuff I would say. They are currently working through 8th and 7th grade, with a little room for interpretation... When Loren went to the homeschool convention to choose curriculum, he went with his old favorites: Saxon Math, Easy Grammar, etc. Jared on the other hand, decided that he wanted to try everything from a different company. That is so indicative of their personalities. Jared is my fly by the seat of his pants guy- Loren, exactly the opposite. Perhaps that is why I have the number for the local pysch ward on speed dial...

I am amazed at Jared's change in ability from last year though. If you remember, he is severely dyslexic. VERY. I have had to be very creative in my homeschooling techniques and patient. Ahhh, patience. I wish I had been born with that virtue. This year he has really taken responsibility for his schooling. I love to watch him grow in that manner. Speaking of growing...he is growing and growing and growing. We are not certain how tall we are looking at (in the finished product) but wowsers.

Loren is simply a nice guy. He gets up before all of us (me included) and does much of his work independently. He likes the quiet. He is currently the Vice President of his 4-H Horse Club and was elected Club Sportsman. He also serves as Reporter for his other 4-H club. All of this from a certified introvert. I think that socially- he is just fine. He is incredibly able and will require me to step up my A game in order to keep up with him. He is 14 years old and runs three days a week. He works out on the bike and weights the other 3 (one day of rest.) He is quite simply one of my best friends (all 3 of my kids are, actually.)

Jacie is our little princess. Her story can be followed at:
She is now about 89% (lol, I couldn't resist...) fluent. She does not read yet but we are working toward that and alphabet memorization EVERYDAY. She is an excellent writer and loves to copy things. She is starting to read the BOB books but is completing that by memorization instead of actual reading. I am looking to start her on the Dick and Jane books next week. That is what I used for Jared and it seemed to work. He did not read until he was 10 years old either. She does well on conceptualizing math. What an interesting journey we have been on with her. She will have surgery in March for her legs and will probably stop school for the year at that time.

The other day, someone said to me, "I can't believe that you homeschool. I couldn't do it. My kids would drive me crazy."

"Oh, mine do," I replied. I should have gone one step further and told them its the crazy that makes my life (and home) exactly what it should be. I am blessed to be at home with my children. I thank God for the opportunity everyday.

~Camo Pants