Friday, May 4, 2012

A Woman of Leisure

It is hard to believe that I am lying on a bed, staring out the window at 5 pm. If I were home, I would be bustling around the kitchen attempting to fill hungry bellies or yelling at someone to move whatever piece of random stuff they discarded onto the kitchen table. But I am not.

My youngest and I are living in a rehab hospital right now so someone is cooking and cleaning for me. I have to admit- a girl could get used to this. I am trying to soak in the feeling of being able to walk down, order whatever I want and have someone come and clean up the mess. This does not happen often. I have to say that the food is not exceptional either- thank heavens for the salad bar.

The big question that is probaly going through your head is how are you lying in a hospital and still homeschooling your children? Welllll, the boys are in full control of their school and are responsible for emailing/calling me if they need help. They have been almost completely in charge of their schoolwork for about 2 years now- so everything should be continuing like clockwork.

I have not talked to Jared about his math score for today but he is doing so well right now. He wasn't. At all. He was averaging about a D until I made the penalty for anything less than a B so big that he doesn't dare not try hard. I found that he was bored and giving only half the effort that he should have and thus was missing over half of the problems. Not acceptable in mom's school of hard knocks. Now before you get upset and say, "He doesn't understand the information," I will jump in and tell you that he is running through this particular course for the second time.'s time he got it himself.

As soon as we are released from here, I am planning to take the kids in the Chicago to see the Mythbusters exhibit which came into the Museum of Science and Industry. I am looking forward to another day spent in the museum district of Chicago. Jacie and I have been going through all of the museums and zoos that the town we are in has to offer. It has been quite fun. Tonight I am checking her out and going downtown to listen to the band in the amphitheater. I think that Jacie will enjoy taking pictures of the building in the city and the many sights that come with being in a different place than normal. I don't think that you can replace that kind of teaching.

I guess I should check in with those boys and make sure that they are not trying to draw blood from eachother.

I am blessed to walk this road.

~Camo Pants