Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am very excited to say that I can now post all that I desire on this blog. Prior to today, I was limited as to how much I could post because I was under contract with another blog. my middle child, is fair game for writing. He will be thrilled.

This middle child, Jared is the heart of all of the homeschooling lessons that I have learned. He is the one who stretched me and molded me into the home school mom that I am today. Let me tell you, I did not morph easily. Jared has struggled with school from day one. He is extremely dyslexic. He has medical issues. He struggles. Yet, he is amazing. He is a black child, adopted into a white family. It has not phased him. He is my people person. He has never meant a person that he did not like.

My goals for him are no different than for my other children. I see college in his future. I see a world that does not need to slow down for him. He is going to make it. I am blessed to walk this journey with him.

~Camo Pants