Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Summer in the Garden

I have been diligently 'thinking' that I need to post on this blog. Is that enough?

We are nearing the tail end of our school year. I am so excited for the summer months. I know that we will relish the break. Daily, the boys seem to finish bits and pieces of their assignments. I know that they are feeling freer by the day. I am.

I am finally collecting their papers this week. Friday night by dinner time, I must have them in my hot little hand or the consequences are huge. So big I won't mention them here. I haven't really played a part in these papers other then assigning them and collecting at the end. I am trying to see where each of them are in their ability. I know that I am getting one about the history of the video game and the other about mummies. The joy of having boys...

Jacie has been working on a little different version of school. She does a puzzle or activity. Then she and I go out and work in the garden. We finish by reading books. Right now we are reading about plants and flowers. She doesn't have a lot of patience and does not understand all of the words so I am still reading her first grade books. This will change soon I think. I am trying to keep reading light and fun because she seems to not enjoy it. I want to take care of that so that she can develop a life long love of it. One thing that will help, I think, is that I am making required 'quiet time' this summer. In it she can read or sleep but no TV, video games or toys. I bet she chooses to peruse the many books on her shelf.

I am trying something a little different for the summer, I hope. I have dubbed it, "The Summer in the Garden."

All of the children will participate in outside activities (esp. gardening) on the days that we do not have other plans. We will work together and play together during the first three hours of the morning. I am hoping that it will encourage them to get their hands deep into the dirt and discover things. I am also hoping to connect with them all on a deeper level myself. I think that this is the way to do it. My oldest two are thirteen. They are still home, not working yet and I want to enjoy it. I am hoping to have a slower summer than we have had in awhile. For several years, we have had major undertakings occur through the summer months. This year we have some but none with the intensity that marked other years. The plan is that I will blog the journey of this summer. You know plans...

It is always bittersweet to see the end of a school year come because I normally think about what I should have done different but I have to admit, this year I am just looking forward to the break. I feel no guilt, just relief.

I love where I am today, I hope that you do as well.

~Camo Pants

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