Sunday, March 13, 2011

With a Side of Rebel...

This is a new addition to my repertoire. I have decided to open this blog pretaining to the homeschooling aspect of our personal journey. As homeschooling is a way of life, I know that it is an open book for learning experiences. These experiences are not dedicated only to the adoption stories that we are living but they do come into play.

Such an amazing journey that we are walking together and homeschooling only strengthens the bonds (most days.) I know many of you already have read about the family but for those of you who haven't I will do a quick introduction.

Our oldest son is thirteen. He is an amazing person. He is easily one of my best friends aside from being my favorite running partner and Barnes and Noble buddy. For me he is a chip off the old block. He thinks like me, has been said to resemble me (yeah, he's good looking...) and can figure math in his head (just like me.) Really he is a mini me, just don't tell him I said that.

Our middle son is an African-American child adopted into a Causacian family. He was born into foster care eight weeks premature, had heart surgery as an infant and currently breathes with about 54% of his lungs. He has severe asthma, sleep apnea and dyslexia. He was adopted at twenty-three months old (our oldest is four months older than his brother.) He too is an amazing guy. He always makes friends, wherever he goes. He is growing and developing into a young man of character.

The boys were joined last year by a little sister. She is currently eight years old and was adopted from China in June 2010. She was born with bi-lateral paralysis of both legs, bi-lateral clubfeet and hip dysplaxia. She is slated for surgery on her left leg and hip Friday of this week. She is such a little character. We have enjoyed her greatly. I have kept a blog of her journey at

It is my hope that this homeschool blog will delve into the life and circumstances that surround schooling at home particularly and schooling this adoptive family more directly. Our middle son struggles with any form of school. He will probably be the topic of much of this blog. Dealing with his health issues and major dyslexia has given me, his teacher, a different view of parenting, teaching and life.

I have always blogged under the name Camo Pants (CP when I am feeling lazy.) This name comes from my unique homeschooling experience and...

My absolute favorite pants.


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