Friday, March 18, 2011

A Slight Sabbatical

It is very difficult to blog about homeschooling when we are on a slight sabbatical. Our youngest (the newest addition) is having surgery today. Like right now, actually. She has been in surgery for an hour and a half.

If I were a good homeschooling mom, I would have been able to homeschool, prepare for surgery and my house would have been clean when I left this morning. Nope. The house was a disaster. I simply did not have time to take care of what should so I focused on what I had to. We are building a house amidst all of the other changes and I have to meet with the contractor, the kitchen people and try to schedule the gas line check. All of that to say that the boys have been schooling independantly for the last few days. They have learned to do that through the years and it is an asset for me. The oldest does his work without much instruction as it is. He has always been very focused and driven. The middle child...not so much.

I normally have to hand hold him more. To get through this pre-surgery, I set him up with a managable schedule. He did well. They will be off from school for 'Spring Break'. We will work our regular schedule through the public school's break to make-up the time. The kids are getting little bits of their school done already. That is always nice because as we look to summer the farm gets busy, busy, busy and the animals come in. The animals are the older kids' 4-H projects and keep them hopping all summer. I see 4-H as a major learning experience and thus we invest a lot of time in it. It definitely keeps us moving but I can't imagine life any other way.

Hope your homeschool journeys are going well.


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