Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mama Said They'll be Days Like This

One of the hardest parts of homeschooling for me is the constant tripping over children, children's things and children's dirty dishes. I really like cleanliness and order. When the boys were little, I decided to give up on the idea of what I would like and work within the perimeters of what was actually there. So far I have made it...

Some days I do question the insanity, constant noise and bickering that occurs on an hourly basis. Perhaps I am crazy...? At this exact second the house is relatively quiet. No, I didn't tie them up out back (though I considered it.) One is reading while eating his very late lunch, one is doing his math and the youngest, who is sofa bound, is bellering that she needs to use the 'pathroom.' Which, of course, is bathroom in I am learning how to speak English Mode. She has broken the five second silence that I was enjoying. She needs water now so I had better hop to it. I'll be back. I have now taken her a glass of water, escorted her to the restroom, thrown a load of laundry into the get the idea. All in about five minutes. Welcome to the life of a home schooler. Those of you who are home schoolers are shaking your head in understanding. Some days I feel like someone pushed the fast forward button and I am running behind it all day long.

I know of ways that I could slow things down but am uncertain that I want to remove them from the children's repertoire. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the boys go to the horse barn and ride their horses. The youngest, I call her Little Miss (LM,) and I run to the store during that time. It is a nice bonding time for us and gives the boys a little breather from their new role as brother. They love to work out at the horse barn. When we get home, we work on school for the rest of the afternoon. It flips things around a little and that is difficult at times. We are heavily involved with 4-H, so the rest of their time that is not wrapped up in school and leisure, goes to projects. We love fair. I cannot think of a better learning activity. The boys, in the three years that they have been members, have given demonstrations, shown many different species of animals, completed writing projects, ink on glass, felting, many other still exhibits. I have to believe that all of these experiences will work together to create fully rounded children.

I have mentioned that we are building a house as well. It is a lot of work. I have a paper trail that runs from the front door to the desk and back. It is exciting to watch, as it is going up in our side yard. We are in need. Our current house is three sizes to small... hehehe

One of our favorite lines is, "In the new house..."

So I will start this paragraph with that.

In the new house, there will be an entire room dedicated to home schooling. I am having floor to ceiling shelves built. It is in the basement but will at least allow for the clutter to be downstairs and hopefully not on the kitchen table. So very exciting. This house has been shrinking on us since the birth of our first and with every addition, shrunk at least one size. My problem, well at least my biggest problem, with it is that I need space. I love my space. I love to feel free. With all of our extracurricular activities, home schooling and family endeavours, I lost sight of any space about thirteen years ago.

For all my complaining, you wouldn't believe that I love where I am, who I am walking with and the direction we are going.


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  1. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited for you to have a homeschooling ROOM! That, plus the extra space of the new house, will get filled VERY quickly. But oh, to have a whole room dedicated to the messiness of learning at home! WONDERFUL!
    Also, I am SO glad to hear that I am not alone when it comes to the cleaning part of homeschooling. ;) I enjoy hearing about your life.