Saturday, May 28, 2011

Done...and Ready for Fun

We are done with school for this year. I couldn't have better news to tell...

I love this time of year because the organized portion of the kids' schooling is complete and we can get to the real learning opportunities. We are actively involved in 4-H and have already gotten in the pigs. The chickens will be coming in a month and the fair- four months. We have a lot to do before then.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is spend time outside. I wait for it all winter and I can barely be convinced to come inside at all. I hope that the children pick up my love for the out-of-doors. I want them to love the feel of the dirt in their feet as they plant seeds. I want them to feel the heat of the sun on their face and sweat on their brow and still love to go out in it. For that reason, I am beginning another blog soon. It is called Summer in the Garden and its focus will be on my relationship with each of the children. It has been a year since we adopted our youngest and the journey has been interesting. Unfortunately, there are times on that journey that I lost connection with everyone in order to keep walking forward. So, my focus of this summer and this particular blog is a basic relational focus. This summer I will spend time with the children- really focusing on them and their specific personalities and needs. It is a stretch for me because I am geared to be an independent and I really like the freedom. Yet, I think this is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. The boys are thirteen and home for the summer. The youngest is beginning to really settle in and understand the world around her and I am not working outside of the home.

Check it out. I should have it up and running very soon.

Looking forward to keeping that blog and developing the relationships that are the most important to me.

We went to the home school convention last week. It was very cool. The oldest two have played a major part in picking what they studied and this year was not different. They enjoyed picking their reading materials and were able to choose math, history, grammar and writing. They chose different curriculum, of course. I knew that they would because their learning styles differ so greatly. I don't mind as long as they commit. They are studying typing, novel writing and Swahili as well. It should make for an interesting year. The youngest was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people crowded into the vendor hall. She was in a wheelchair and could not get around well. Though difficult, it was not impossible. She chose to study about knights and we found the neatest castle building kit. It is put out by Klutz and is building cards. She built a castle when she got home and started her Writing Curriculum, Draw, Write, Now. Her brothers both worked through it and enjoyed it greatly. Then I put all of the materials away and in October- we will pull them out again. Hopefully they are new to her. Every year the boys love their materials so much that they want to read them on the way home. It was no different for her.

I am looking forward to the sunshine on my face as I blog through the summer-


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