Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the Midst of Chaos

I have figured out that if I had no home schooled children, I would post on this home school blog a lot more often. It is hard to imagine how busy a home school parent is. Tonight I have snuck away, cleaned the kitchen, started the laundry and now sit in the dark- regrouping. That is what I call my type of therapy. I regroup. There is so much that happens between these four walls on a daily basis- I struggle to keep up.

The boys won state with their FFA agriscience project. We are now looking toward Nationals-the best part of this is the fact that Nationals is in Louisville, KY. Yup, sign me up- I will chaperone. I love horse country. So we will run another 3 science trials on their corn plants before June. You know what that means, don't ya? A basement filled with emerging corn plants for 6 weeks! YAY! Thank heavens I love it.

The boys will also compete at the state level in for state 4-H awards. They both made it through regionals. I am excited for them. Loren will compete in the Horse Awards and Jared in Shooting Sports. It is amazing to see them progress so well. It is difficult at times to know what homeschooling is supposed to look like. All that I can do as the teacher is to structure things the way that I think that they should go and then trust that someone bigger than me will take over.

There is so little time for me to focus. Most of the time, I run behind the kids shouting directives that I hope will be helpful. This is a very precarious experiment that I am running here...

In the midst of the chaos- I find that I am blessed.

~Camo Pants

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