Friday, October 19, 2012

Full Force

It is interesting to began this blog again as the summer has wrapped up for us and school is in full force. As much as I love the summer months, they are busy, busy,busy. I covet the slower fall/winter months when we can focus on our education. I know that the kids would shake their heads at that but they actually enjoy learning at home as well.

I am in a dilemma when it comes to Jared's grade. He is what I would call a solid B student- except in math. He is currently in 8th grade (ish) and uses a 5th grade curriculum for math. The hardest part is that he is doing some 9th grade work, some 8th grade work and well, some 5th....

So where do I place him categorically? So far I have maintained him in 8th grade except for extracurricular things- then I list him in 9th like his brother. I figure that if Jared has to do an extra semester at the end of his senior year- so be it.

The kids picked most of their curriculum and I believe that has helped them to own it. I love it when they come running up the stairs with their newest 'nugget' of information. They are really in tune to what they are studying and it makes me think that maybe we are on the right track.

Jacie continues to learn about our culture and is still trying to learn to read. I have never taught a non-English speaking child to read and have found that it has its one set of difficulties. The good news is that she now desires to read- that will speed the process. I know that she would have learn by necessity earlier in the public school situation but really desire for her to love to read. That is why we are just starting to focus in that direction though she has been here just over two years. I want to make lovers of learning- not just someone who can read.

~Camo Pants

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