Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dealing with the Distractions

It seems impossible that the summer is coming to a close and one of our last nice days is occurring. I found it difficult to keep the kids focused on their studies today. The wind is actually whistling, the sun is bright in the windows and the Jared...he can't think.

Jared is my ADD child. I use that term lightly because I have never had him tested. Actually, I never had to because it was SO VERY OBVIOUS. That kid struggles everyday with trying to keep his mind on his studies. Then add in a little sister, new concept or fatigue and I have lost him. The good news is that I can call in my external motivators and he figures it out. For example, if he misses more than 4 total in math, he gets no screen time. He does not like the rule but it appears to motivate him to overcome his natural weaknesses.

The youngest continues the journey toward reading. It is actually an interesting thing to teach because she does not say all of her sounds correctly. ESL has its challenges. I find it difficult to know how hard to push her. She is slowly working through the concepts of telling time and counting money. Those are tow very difficult things to master. She gets it some days and has no idea on other days. It amazes me how different children are.

The oldest is fairly self motivated. He is doing very well in school and continues to progress with a decent amount of understanding. I respect it in him and often find myself relying on him to complete his work without my input. That is not always good either. I think that he feels left out sometimes with the other kids needing so much supervision and assistance. The balancing act comes in meeting all of the kids' needs with relative grace and efficiency. I do not always succeed in this realm.

On the whole, the year is going well. We have a lot of curriculum things that are working well and bringing the kids one step closer to fulfilling their educational goals. I like that.

~Camo Pants

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