Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Insert Evil Giggle

The boys have finished their latest papers and we all lived through it. Not that it was without incident...

First, Jared cancelled his whole document, I think I blogged about that last time. Then he copied which is never allowed. Then I took all his books away and made him write it from memory and then drop in his sources. That went a little easier for him. I tell you what- he is so funny. At the end of his paper he wrote: ...thank you mom for the time extension and for the patience to Nottawa Township Library[.] to Loren for not taking the computer from me and I hope that you like it Jared m. K.

I tried to leave everything true to form as he wrote it. My heavens. All I could think was that the end of this 'thank you' it should say, "And I accept this nomination for president of the United States..."

He is so dramatic. Loren on the other hand seems to carry through life pretty low-key. His paper was formatted to the APA style and thoroughly researched and cited. He is so funny.

Having said that, I have thrown a monkey wrench into the works. The next paper is going to switch my overachiever out of his role and place his brother in. Here is what I did (insert evil giggle.) The last paper is a three page paper about themselves. What they feel they are good at, what they want to do with their lives and where God fits into the whole thing. My Jared- thrilled. Loren...? Not so much. He can't believe it. "What can I say mom?" he keeps questioning.

I made it a little tougher because I decided to use a random idea that I read about. In it a public school teacher requires that her students write a six word sentence describing themselves. This intrigued me so I made it the requirement for the first sentence of the boys' papers. You should have heard them sigh...

I do love to incorporate new things into their lives. Things that stretch them just a little. Things that require them to think. What 14 year old boy likes to do that?

I am blessed to have the privilege of being their teacher. It is something that I do not take for granted.


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